Kapish Haldia




Kapish Haldia is a successful investor living in Venice, CA. How did he get to where he is? His story goes back to his childhood, where he was given the tools necessary to thrive in financial and business endeavors. 

Kapish has always valued communication and relationships between people. As he was growing up, his parents instilled entrepreneurial values in him. He learned how to curate and manage the best products, services, and financial relationships without sacrificing personality and trust. 

Kapish also has extensive educational and professional experience in the worlds of business, finance, and investments. He started at New York University’s Stern School of Business, where he took on several important roles in student organizations. 

During his time at NYU Stern, he was involved in leadership roles in two of the largest student organizations on campus. After joining both the Stern Investment Analysis Group and the Inter-Club Council, he naturally rose to the challenges of managing and driving both organizations to success. 

Holding the titles of portfolio manager and president in these organizations gave Kapish the tools he needed to hit the ground running in his professional life. 

After graduating from NYU Stern at age 20, Kapish went on to work with the Citigroup Global Industrial Group. There, he worked with some of the biggest names in banking and finance, including General Electric, Lockheed Martin, and other Fortune 100 companies. Kapish oversaw global mergers, IPOs, and debt financing for these companies while maintaining close professional relationships with them. 

Kapish has worked for several companies in the sphere of investments and business acquisitions. His most notable work has been at Highview Capital, where he acquired several small, family-owned businesses and led them to increased success under Highview ownership.

Kapish still engages with many of the family-owned operations he worked with during his time at Highview. He wants to help them maximize the value and profits of their entrepreneurial ventures without removing them from the process entirely. 

In his spare time, Kapish Haldia finds personal satisfaction and relaxation through meditation, breathwork, and grounding techniques. He enjoys physical fitness and spending time in Venice on the beach. 

His ultimate goal is to combine the worlds of social outreach, food, and music with his investment ventures to create a thriving, high-value community of people and companies. He intends to build a venue for this exact purpose — he can’t wait to use his knowledge and professional experience to help others grow the way he did.